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Took Exceptional Care of me throughout the Whitening Process.

The Real Proof of the pudding rests in the Incredible Transformation they made to my teeth! In the past, I have never been able to get my bottom teeth white by using whitening strips or even the dental trays. But Dr. Mahooti was able to get them optic white!
-Sarah M.


In-Office Whitening – Zoom!

Dr. Sheila Mahooti provides professional whitening in Encino. This is a one visit treatment that uses an oxygen-rich gel to break down stains and leave you with a brighter and whiter smile. When the gel is applied to your teeth, we use LED light to activate it. This process is very gentle and provides you with same day results. In fact, you may see that your teeth are up to eight shades whiter.

How does Zoom! Teeth Whitening work?

Our newer option for in-office power bleaching is that of our Zoom! whitening method. There are many advantages to our Zoom! procedure. This method is safe, effective, and results in far less sensitivity of the teeth than the UV light rays that have been used in the past in older versions. This is because the Zoom! whitening available in our office uses a specialized LED light instead of UV lights, providing a brighter smile without the disadvantages of alternative solutions. Most of our patients are appropriate candidates for Zoom! power bleaching treatment.

Dr. Sheila Mahooti

Being exposed to health care by her physician parents, Dr. Sheila Mahooti always knew that she would go into the same field. She eventually found her calling in Dentistry, where she is able to combine artistic tendencies with patient care.
Dr. Sheila Mahooti began pursuing her dreams after graduating from New York University in 2001. She went on to further her skills and education by completing a one-year general practice residency program at the prestigious Manhattan VA hospital. From there, she relocated to sunny Southern California, where she has been practicing ever since.

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*Offer expires end of December 2018