If you have a cavity, the most common treatment option is getting a filling. Cavities occur when bacteria cause decay or breakdown of the tooth structure. In the United States, there are over three million cases of cavities each year. Symptoms of a cavity may include pain or sensitivity when consuming hot, cold, or sugary foods and drinks. Your dentist can visually identify a cavity as a small hole in the tooth, although some cavities may require a digital X-ray for detection. Regular professional cleanings and exams include checking for cavities, but you can also schedule an appointment at our office if you suspect you have a cavity.

What type of fillings do you use?

At our dental office in Encino, we prioritize using biocompatible materials and do not use mercury in our fillings. While amalgam and mercury fillings were commonly used in the past due to their affordability and durability, concerns about mercury exposure, have prompted a shift towards safer alternatives. Our fillings are made of white and porcelain materials, allowing them to blend seamlessly with your natural teeth. If you currently have mercury fillings, we offer the option to replace them with durable and mercury-free porcelain fillings.

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What can I expect?

fillings encino During a filling procedure, the decayed portion of your tooth is carefully removed using a laser or dental drill. This allows us to eliminate bacteria and debris from the tooth effectively. Once the area is thoroughly cleaned, we use a mercury-free porcelain material to fill the cavity. The filling is carefully shaped to replicate the natural contours of your tooth and then hardened to ensure its long-term stability. Rest assured that our approach to fillings is minimally invasive and conservative, aiming to restore the health of your tooth effectively. Contact our dentist in Encino today to discover how we can help you with this procedure.

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