Visit Your Dentist in Encino for a Dental Experience like No Other

Visit Your Dentist in Encino for a Dental Experience like No Other

Let’s face it, dental visits are not at the top of most people’s list of favorite things to do! The team at Signature Smiles of LAdoes not pretend any different. We understand that you may hesitate in making the appointments that could save, restore, or enhance your smile. Regardless of why you may be doing this, what you may need most is a welcoming, friendly environment in which you can feel comfortable. This is our goal. This is what sets you up for a dental experience like no other.

How your Encino dentist can help you love your smile

At the heart of a vibrant smile is oral health. To sustain teeth and gums for life, you need more than the average, daily brushing and flossing session. The fact is, everything from the way you brush to the duration of your brushing, your flossing technique, right down to what you eat and drink on a daily basis has an effect on your oral health.

Routine dental visits are intended to be preventive and educational. Our exam can identify the early stages of gum diseaseand cavities, which can lead to conservative, comfortable treatment if necessary. The cleanings that we perform in the office complement your home routine, removing plaque and tartar that may have accumulated in hard-to-reach places. Additionally, the thoroughness of our processes can help us guide you in the performance of oral care at home, giving you the best chance at avoiding uncomfortable conditions.

Dental care can do a lot for your smile, and for your overall sense of well-being. As a faculty member at UCLA School of Dentistry in the Clinical Restorative Department, Dr. Mahooti recognizes the benefits of staying at the forefront of dental technologies and treatments. In our office, you will find friendly, personal care for your dental and cosmetic concerns.

All under one roof

From oral cancer screenings to tooth colored fillings to Invisalign to dental implants, our goal in treating each patient remains consistent: to give them the gentle care they need to support their oral health and to improve their dental experiences. For more information on our office, or to schedule your appointment with our Encino dentist, call (818) 600-1884.