Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic-Dentistry---Teeth-Whitening-by-Cosmetic-Dental-of-Encino--(1)Although regular brushing, flossing, and professional cleanings are important for keeping your teeth healthy, your smile is still subject to discoloration. Aging, tobacco use, and certain foods and drinks (like coffee and tea) can all contribute to a yellowing smile over time. As a result, we have found that many patients choose to have a whiter smile with treatments like in-office and at-home whitening.

In-Office Whitening – Zoom!

Our dentist in Encino provides professional whitening. This is a one visit treatment that uses an oxygen-rich gel to break down stains and leave you with a brighter and whiter smile. When the gel is applied to your teeth, we use ultraviolet light to activate it. This process is very gentle and provides you with same day results. In fact, you may see that your teeth are up to eight shades whiter.

Our newer option for in-office power bleaching is that of our Zoom! whitening method. There are many advantages to our Zoom! procedure. This method is safe, effective, and results in far less sensitivity of the teeth than the UV light rays that have been used in the past in older versions. This is because the Zoom! whitening available in our office uses a specialized LED light instead of UV lights, providing a brighter smile without the disadvantages of alternative solutions. Most of our patients are appropriate candidates for Zoom! power bleaching treatment.

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At-Home Whitening


Our at-home whitening option is great for patients who choose to whiten their teeth at home whenever it is convenient for them. Our dentist in Encino takes impressions of a patient’s teeth in our dental office in order to create a custom tray and bleaching agents to take home. The at-home whitening system uses the same product that provides results with our in-office system, but with a lower concentration.

When you are ready for more whitening in about six months, all you will need is more of the bleaching agent because you already have trays that are customized just for you. This is a great way for patients to maintain their smile over time, rather than just a “one and done” treatment. Many patients love the ability to brighten their smile when it needs it and keep their brilliance for many months—even years—with routine visits to the dentist for cleanings, examinations, and more bleaching gels for use with their personalized trays.

Is professional teeth whitening safe?

Absolutely! Dr. Sheila Mahooti has provided patients with professional whitening solutions for years, and has evaluated the safety and efficiency of the processes she provides in her dental facility. She wants patients to know that she will only perform treatments that are appropriate for patients and will not cause further damage to the teeth. She knows how important a beautiful, brilliant smile can be and provides these services so patients can achieve the smiles of their dreams!

Which whitening method is right for me?

Whitening the smile is a personal decision that a patient can make with the help of their dental staff that they know and trust. Our whitening process can be done either at home or in office. Choosing the one that works best for your budget and lifestyle is important. Patients who want a same-day solution are encouraged to consider the advantages of our in-house whitening, allowing them to leave the practice with a smile brighter than when they arrived! However, some patients want a less expensive option that can be done in the privacy of their own home with the advantage of having more control over the results. These patients are better suited for our take-home whitening kits. We want our patients to educate themselves on their options and choose the one that is most appropriate for them and their desires.

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