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What is an Oral Exam? | Encino CA

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An oral exam is done by your dentist or dental hygienist to collect information about your oral health. The material collected from your exam depends on factors such as: Whether you’re a new or returning client  Length of time since your last dental checkup  Whether your visit is due to a specific dental condition or … Read more

When Should You Visit Your Dentist in Encino CA?

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Preventative care is the primary focus of dentistry. It’s why the American Dental Association recommends that you take your child to the dentist in Encino, CA as soon as he/she gets the first tooth, or before the first birthday, and follow up with regular dental visits, about twice per year or as advised by your … Read more

5 Reasons to Keep your Regular Dental Appointments in Encino CA

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Dental care is a primarily preventive process involving regular dental cleanings and examinations to get rid of accumulated, bacteria-harboring plaque and tartar, and in the process, prevent most issues from arising in the first place, or to stop them in their earliest stages before they become severe and expensive to treat. While many people don’t … Read more

Dental Cleaning Vs. Dental Exam: Is one more important than the other? | Encino CA

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Dental cleaning and examination are two different procedures that are typically performed in a single appointment but involve different things that are equally important for your long-term oral health.   Dental Cleaning Professional teeth cleaning requires the dentist to use special instruments to remove calculus (hardened plaque) from the surface of your teeth and polish them. … Read more

Professional Guidelines to Keep Your Teeth Clean Between Dental Appointments | Encino CA

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Many people wonder whether it’s necessary to keep all dental appointments for regular checkups and cleanings, and how beneficial they actually are. Getting your teeth professionally cleaned to get rid of disease-causing bacteria that has hardened on the surface of your teeth (as tartar) actually helps to prevent most dental issues, including gum disease, cavities, … Read more