Debunking 5 Myths About Root Canal Therapy | Encino CA

Debunking 5 Myths About Root Canal Therapy | Encino CA

Root Canal Therapy-What is it?

Root canal therapy or treatment has accumulated a terrific reputation worldwide. But what is it? It is a procedure that can be described as a dental procedure that is designed to remove the infected root and pus from the infected root canal. At the end of this procedure, the inside of the tooth is meticulously cleaned and disinfected. Then your dentist may fill and seal your teeth. Despite all the wrong information that is circulating on the internet about this therapy, people are still choosing it over other treatment options. Now let us move on to the topic of why this dental treatment is necessary.

Why is it needed?

Many people are so afraid of this procedure that they choose other options. However, this treatment option is the wisest choice for saving your natural tooth. There is a multitude of clinical reasons why a dentist or an orthodontist might prescribe a root canal treatment for you. Here are some reasons why your dentist might tell you to get a root canal treatment:

  • Firstly, if there are severe cases of decay in one or more teeth of the patient.
  • Secondly, a crack or chip in the tooth that might get infected.
  • Thirdly, an infected tooth on which different dental procedures are performed.
  • Fourthly, a severely infected pulp of a tooth.
  • Fifthly, damaged pulp caused by a serious injury to the tooth.

5 Popular Myths About Root Canal Therapy Debunked

Here are some following myths about root canal therapy that need to be debunked. They are as follows:
Myth 1: Root Canal Therapy Minimizes Toothache: A root canal therapy is not only for treating just toothaches. It is a very efficient method of eliminating the source of toothaches.
Myth 2: The Procedure Is Very Painful: Yes, it used to be painful before. But with the help of updated and modern dental technology, the patients do not feel a thing.
Myth 3: Root Canal Treatment Offers Short-term Benefits: The impact and the effect of this treatment option are very long-lasting. It is the best way to save a tooth permanently.
Myth 4: Root Canals Can Cause Cancer: As per dental experts, root canal treatments do not cause cancer. It reduces toothache by removing the infection. It improves your overall oral health.
Myth 5: Tooth Extraction Is Safer Than Root Canals: All the pieces of evidence collected through valid studies and researches say otherwise. The procedure of tooth extraction can introduce microbes into the bloodstream. Whereas, a root canal treatment is a restorative process that saves the tooth as well as prevents the spread of oral infections.

We hope our blog has helped you in understanding the truths behind the popular myths about root canal therapy. If you need the best root canal therapy in Encino, CA, then please visit us at Signature Smiles of LA. Our team of dentists provides treatments that will suit all your dental needs.