A retainer is a customized appliance crafted from rubber, clear plastic, and metal wires. Different types of retainers are available, including removable and fixed ones that are bonded behind the teeth. The specific type of retainer recommended will depend on your dental needs. Retainers can benefit patients of all ages, including adults and children. Our dental office in Encino prioritizes using biocompatible materials in our dental treatments. Retainers serve the purpose of ensuring proper alignment of the teeth. Cosmetic-Dentistry---Retainers-by-Cosmetic-Dental-of-Encino-(2)They are commonly used after the removal of braces to prevent teeth from shifting. Even though braces effectively straighten teeth, it takes time for the teeth to adjust and settle into their new position without any shifting. Retainers are essential in maintaining the achieved results. They can also address minor smile imperfections, correct a misaligned bite, and provide stability to the teeth following surgery.

What can I expect?

The specific parameters for wearing a retainer vary based on various factors. For instance, some patients may be required to wear the retainer throughout the day, while others only need to wear it during sleep. Typically, after braces, the common practice is to wear retainers consistently for about six months and then wear them only during sleep.
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How do I care for retainers?

Cosmetic-Dentistry---Retainers-by-Cosmetic-Dental-of-Encino-(3) It is essential to maintain proper hygiene for your retainer. Brush your retainer using a soft-bristle brush every time you brush your teeth. Once a week, you can disinfect your retainer using a specialized cleaner. After disinfection, make sure to rinse your retainer thoroughly with warm water. Additionally, practicing good oral health by regular brushing and flossing will help keep your mouth clean and free from debris. For specific instructions on caring for your retainer and recommendations on suitable products, please contact our dentist in Encino. We can guide how retainers can effectively address cosmetic dental concerns using minimally invasive approaches.