A Parent’s Guide to Invisalign for Teenagers

A Parent’s Guide to Invisalign for Teenagers

“Smiling is one of the most beautiful things a person can do, but it can be difficult for teenagers who feel self-conscious about their crooked teeth. As a parent, witnessing your child’s discomfort with their smile can be heartbreaking. Thankfully, Invisalign offers an effective and discreet solution to help straighten their teeth without the hassle of traditional braces. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about Invisalign for teenagers and how this treatment method can transform your child’s confidence while giving them a smile they’ll love showing off!”

What is Invisalign for Teens?

Invisalign for Teens is an option for straightening teeth that uses clear, removable aligners instead of metal braces. The aligners are nearly invisible, so they are a popular choice among teenagers who want to avoid the “metal mouth” look. Invisalign for Teens is also more comfortable than braces and can be removed for eating and brushing teeth.

The Invisalign for Teens treatment process begins with a consultation with an orthodontist or dentist to see if you are a candidate. If you are, the orthodontist will take impressions, x-rays, and photographs of your teeth to create a custom treatment plan. You will be given a series of clear aligners that you will need to wear each day for 20 to 22 hours. You will need to visit the orthodontist or dentist every four to eight weeks so they can check your progress and give you new aligners. Most people finish treatment within 12 to 18 months.

5 Benefits of Invisalign for Teens

Invisalign for teens has many benefits that make it an ideal choice for orthodontic treatment. Here are 5 benefits of Invisalign for teens:

1. Invisalign is nearly invisible – This is a big benefit for teenagers who are self-conscious about their appearance. With Invisalign, the aligners are practically invisible, so your teen can straighten their teeth without anyone knowing they’re wearing them.

2. Invisalign is comfortable to wear – The aligners are made of smooth, comfortable material that doesn’t irritate the gums or cheeks like traditional braces can.

3. Invisalign allows you to eat whatever you want – Since the aligners are removable, teenagers can take them out to eat and brush their teeth normally. There are no food restrictions with Invisalign, so your teen can enjoy their favorite foods without worry.

4. Invisalign is convenient – Because the aligners are removable, teenagers can take them out for special occasions and events. There’s no need to worry about getting food stuck in braces or worrying about damage to brackets and wires.

5. Invisalign treatment is shorter than traditional braces – On average, treatment time with Invisalign is about 9-15 months, which is shorter than traditional braces which typically takes 18-24 months for treatment completion

7 Tips For Parents When Encouraging Their Teen To Use Invisalign

One of the questions we get most often from parents is, “How do I get my teenager to use Invisalign?” Here are 7 tips to encourage your teen to use Invisalign:

1. Talk about the benefits of Invisalign. Discuss how Invisalign can help improve their smile and self-confidence.

2. Let them know that you’re supportive of their decision to use Invisalign. Reassure them that you’ll be there to help them through the process.

3. Help them understand the commitment required for successful treatment. explain that they need to be diligent in wearing their aligners and following the recommended schedule for changing out aligners.

4. Encourage them to stay positive throughout treatment. Using Invisalign can be tough at times, but remind them that it will all be worth it in the end!

5. Be a good role model! If you also wear Invisalign, show your teen how easy it is to stick with treatment while still living a normal life.

6. Offer financial incentives for completing treatment successfully. Many teens are motivated by money, so consider offering a monetary reward for finishing treatment on time and as prescribed.

7. Finally, make sure they know that you’re proud of them no matter what! Even if treatment isn’t perfect, remember that your teenager is taking steps to improve their smile – and that

How to Prepare Your Teen for an Invisalign Treatment?

In order to prepare your teen for Invisalign treatment, it is important that you first understand the entire process. Invisalign uses a series of clear, removable aligners to gradually straighten teeth. The average treatment time is around 12 months, but this can vary depending on the individual case. 

To start, your teen will need to schedule a consultation with an orthodontist or dentist who is trained in Invisalign. During this consultation, the doctor will assess whether or not Invisalign is right for your teen and develop a treatment plan. If Invisalign is recommended, digital scans or x-rays of the teeth will be taken in order to create a custom-made series of aligners. 

Once the aligners are ready (which usually takes around two weeks), your teen will need to come back in for a fitting. They will be given their first set of aligners and instructions on how to wear them and care for them. It is important that the aligners are worn for at least 22 hours per day in order for treatment to be effective. 

There will be occasional check-ups throughout treatment so that the doctor can ensure that everything is progressing as planned. At the end of treatment, your teen will likely need to wear a retainer in order to maintain their new smile.


Invisalign for teenagers is a great way to get straighter teeth in a comfortable and less noticeable way. It can be beneficial for your teen’s self-confidence and help them have healthy, attractive smiles into adulthood. As parents, understanding the process, cost and potential benefits of treatment with Invisalign are important to consider when helping our children make decisions about their oral health. Hopefully, this guide has given you some insight on how to talk with your teenager about Invisalign as an option for straightening their teeth.


How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign works by gradually moving your teeth into alignment over time. You’ll wear a series of clear, removable aligners that are custom-made for your smile. As you progress from one aligner to the next, your teeth will move — little by little, week by week — until they’re straight. And because the aligners are virtually invisible, no one will even know you’re wearing them unless you tell them.

How long does treatment take?

The average treatment time for Invisalign is about 12 months, but the actual treatment time will vary from person to person. Every case is different, so your orthodontist will be able to give you a more specific estimate once he or she evaluates your individual situation.

Does Invisalign hurt?

Because Invisalign gradually moves your teeth over time, there is usually very little discomfort associated with the treatment. You may feel some pressure when you first start wearing the aligners, but this should quickly dissipate as your teeth begin to adjust. If you do experience any discomfort, it is usually mild and temporary.