Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Cancer Screening


During your routine professional cleaning and exam, we typically conduct an examination to check for signs of oral cancer. We can also do an oral cancer screening as a separate appointment. These screenings are important because oral cancer is much easier to treat if caught early.
Each year, there are up to three million cases of oral cancer, potentially life-threatening if left untreated.

What Can I Expect?

During an oral cancer screening, our dentist visually examines the susceptible areas of your mouth, including the lips, tongue, gums, throat, cheek lining, floor of the mouth, and hard palate, to detect any signs of oral cancer.

Am I at risk?


Patients who smoke or consume alcohol and those with a family history of oral cancer are more susceptible to developing this condition. Our dentist strongly recommends that patients who haven’t undergone an oral cancer screening during a regular exam should schedule an appointment for one. Notably, more than 25 percent of oral cancer cases occur in individuals who do not smoke, highlighting the importance of regular screenings for all patients. There are some possible symptoms of oral cancer that you may notice. If you have any of these symptoms that persist for more than two weeks, please reach out to our dental office in Encino, CA:

  • Numbness, discomfort, or tenderness of the lips or mouth
  • Patches of white or red in the mouth
  • Intense bleeding in the mouth
  • A rash or sore on your neck or face
  • Facing difficulty speaking, swallowing, eating, or moving your tongue or jaw
  • A shift in your bite
  • A modification to the way your teeth (or dentures) fit together
  • In the lips, cheek, or neck, a rough patch, crust, lump, or eroded area
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