Learn five ways our Encino area dentist can make you smile!

At Signature Smiles of LA, Encino area dentist, Dr. Sheila Mahooti, is proud to provide patients with a wide selection of treatments used to improve the smile. Cosmetic procedures are not just the only way for patients to enjoy the look that can enhance self-confidence. Below are five ways in which Dr. Sheila Mahooti and the team at Signature Smiles of LA can make you smile!

Cleanings and Examinations

Cleanings and examinations ensure the smile is at its best. Cleanings are done to remove plaque and tartar, and examinations allow the dentist the opportunity to look for concerns such as periodontal disease or cavities. With early intervention, many of these issues can be treated and the smile brought back to health.

Invisalign Orthodontics

A beautifully aligned smile is a treasure for those who naturally have it, but not everyone has the benefit of good dental genetics! When imperfections such as misalignment and malocclusion occur, it is important to work with a dentist to straighten the teeth. Invisalign orthodontics eliminates the need for traditional metal bracket and wire braces and uses clear aligner trays to achieve results.

Professional Teeth Bleaching

A brighter, more brilliant smile is desired by many patients in the area of Encino, CA. With professional teeth bleaching, patients can enjoy either take-home whitening or in-office power bleaching with our latest version of ZOOM whitening system to address yellow, discolored teeth.

Porcelain Veneers

Covering imperfections with veneers is a fast and natural-looking way to improve the smile. Veneers are affordable and effective, providing a long-lasting result.

Smile Design

When patients are considering rejuvenation of their smile’s appearance, they are welcome to ask about our smile design solutions. Smile design is a specialized, unique plan for a patient to completely transform their smile with a blend of cosmetic dental work.

Dr. Sheila Mahooti and the team at Signature Smiles of LA are dedicated to helping patients in and around the area of Encino, CA with a variety of treatments that can improve the health and appearance of the smile. If you are interested in cosmetic services, we encourage you to book a consultation appointment with our staff to discuss. We can be reached at (818) 600-1884 and our office is conveniently located at 16500 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 150-B.

Dr. Sheila Mahooti

Dr. Sheila Mahooti is the owner of Signature Smiles of LA. With over 15 years of dental experience, Dr. Mahooti is known as a go-to specialist when it comes to transforming smiles in the Encino area.

Dr. Mahooti keeps her practice modern with cutting-edge knowledge and technology, by partaking as a faculty member at UCLA School of Dentistry in the Clinical Restorative Department and participating as an active member of the American Dental Association, the California Dental Society, and the San Fernando Valley Dental Society.

While she performs first-rate treatments, her priority lies in being compassionate, gentle, and making sure all of her patients are comfortable and worry-free. Dr. Mahooti treats patients no different than she would treat a family member.

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