Encino area dentist answers, can you seal out tooth decay?

Patients in the area of Encino, CA want to learn about the services provided by their dentist. Many are interested in discussing tooth decay, a common condition caused by poor oral health. What are the treatment options for tooth decay? Can you seal out tooth decay? Can tooth decay be reversed? These are all common questions that are brought up by new and existing patients.

What are the treatment options for tooth decay?

In most cases, fillings are used to address tooth decay. This uses a special material that seals off the inner portion of the cavity and keeps it from getting worse. If the cavity is extremely large, patients may benefit from the placement of a fillinginlayonlay, and/or crown. All of these are solutions that are used to bring the smile back to health following the diagnosis of tooth decay.

Can you seal out tooth decay?

In a way, yes. When tooth decay is present and a filling is put in, it keeps the tooth decay from progressing further. This can be seen as “sealing out” the tooth decay.

Can tooth decay be reversed?

Tooth decay cannot be reversed in the same way patients with periodontal disease cannot reverse their condition. Instead, tooth decay can be treated with fillingsinlaysonlays, and crowns to keep the decay from spreading further. This is just a method of restoring the structure and function of the tooth following the development of cavities. It is important to stop the spread of decay as it can infect the dental pulp within the tooth and increase the chances of requiring root canal therapy to address.

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