Benefits of Visiting our Dental Office in Encino

Benefits of Visiting our Dental Office in Encino


We understand that there are numerous dental offices in our area, and you could choose any Encino dentist to help you manage your oral health. Patients who visit Dr. Mahooti and our staff receive one on one attention from experienced, friendly professionals. Additional benefits you can expect from choosing us as your dental team include:


Care tailored to your needs. We care. It’s that simple. We care about your oral health, and we care about your dental experiences. That means that we do all that we can to make you comfortable during necessary or elective dental procedures. Many of our patients have been with us for years, and we continually foster relationships with each of them, because they all matter to us.


Knowledgeable input from a respected dentist. Dr. Mahooti is a faculty member at the esteemed UCLA School of Dentistry. Her position in the Clinical Restorative Department keeps her at the forefront of new technologies and techniques, which she then incorporates into our practice to elevate patient care to the highest standards.


Service from a caring staff. We realize that you are busy, and that there may be many things you would rather be doing that seeing the dentist. For that reason, and simply because we love what we do, our staff creates a welcoming, friendly environment that invites patients to want to return.


Using the most advanced dental technology in the most caring way, we hope to accommodate all of your dental needs in a stress-free manner. If you have questions, or would like to schedule your visit to Signature Smiles of LA,
call (818) 600-1884.