Dentist in Encino Reveals How to Improve Your Smile in Just One Dental Visit

Dentist in Encino Reveals How to Improve Your Smile in Just One Dental Visit

Many of us wish that we could make our smile stand out just a bit more – or maybe a lot more. At Signature Smiles of LA, it is our priority to provide you with the treatment options and the level of care you deserve. In many cases, it is possible to add some “oomph” to the smile in a single visit. Some of the procedures through which we create near-instant change include:

In-office teeth whitening

The color of your teeth will garner a great deal of attention, whether you have put effort into this or not. Think about where you look when you meet someone new, or anytime you interact face to face. Usually, it is the teeth and the eyes that we observe the most. Teeth that are dull or yellow do more than diminish the attractiveness of the smile. The shade of teeth also delivers a strong message about a person’s character. Research indicates that bright, straight teeth lend to a perception of trustworthiness, friendliness, success, and other positive attributes. Our in-office whitening process can lift several shades of discoloration in a single visit, sending you back into your life with more confidence and charisma.

Tooth-colored fillings and dental bonding

It has been exciting to watch the field of dentistry advance in such important ways. We are pleased to offer restorative care that also attends to your desire for a natural-looking smile. Two ways we can do this are with bonding and tooth-colored fillingsBonding is a process through which small imperfections like chips, gaps, and cracks are repaired with lifelike composite material. Tooth-colored fillings are also composed of this material, allowing you to enjoy better oral health and an attractive smile.

General and restorative treatments for gum health and overall oral health, such as periodontal care and oral cancer screenings, may seem completely unrelated to the appearance of the smile; but this isn’t the case. Unhealthy gum tissue can become red and swollen with inflammation. If left unattended, gum disease could result in persistent sores in the mouth.

Your dentist in Encino, Dr. Sheila Mahooti, cares about your cosmetic concerns and long-term oral health. For your visit with our friendly team, call (818) 600-1884.