Teeth are Sensitive after Whitening – Dentist in Encino

Teeth are Sensitive after Whitening – Dentist in Encino

The value of a white smile

On a daily basis, we talk with patients about their concerns related to the brightness of their teeth. We completely understand the frustration you may feel if your teeth are no longer as white as they used to be! The value of a brilliant, radiant smile is certainly not hard to see in our “Selfie” society. When your teeth are shiny and white, you will smile more, you will feel more confident, and the way you carry yourself will reflect that. So what do you do to get it? You see your dentist in Encino, of course!

Professional teeth whitening treatment is THE way to get the bright smile you want. Yes, you could apply store-bought whitening strips every day for a few weeks. You could even cut back on your coffee habit, and use a whitening toothpaste every time you brush. In the end, though, all that effort may be wasted. Who has time for that? Here’s what we want you to know, your dentist in Encino has your back. Dr. Mahooti offers both in-office treatment and home treatment , and we see you through your preferred whitening process with the support you need to get your best smile.

When teeth get sensitive after teeth whitening

One of the primary concerns that many patients have about professional teeth whitening is the sensitivity they may experience. Some people’s teeth get sensitive even when they apply mildly-concentrated commercial whitening strips, so we can understand this concern.

There are several reasons why teeth may become sensitive during the whitening process. One is that the peroxide solution breaks down the layer of proteins on the outermost surface of enamel. Nerves also become more responsive due to increased circulation brought on by the penetration of enamel. The good news is, sensitivity is temporary. There are also steps you can take to minimize any discomfort that occurs.

Teeth will be somewhat vulnerable immediately after whitening, so this is not the time to brush. However, you can swish lukewarm water around in your mouth to soothe the nerves of teeth. There are also oral rinse products designed to balance the pH of the mouth, which can ease sensitivity. Finally, you may use toothpaste formulated for sensitive teeth, and limit consumption of hot and cold foods and beverages for the few days that you undergo teeth whitening.

Ready for teeth whitening?

Your brightest smile reflects the beauty you hold on the inside. Call our Encino office to learn more about our teeth whitening treatments.

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