Dental Implant Encino

Dental Implant Encino

Dental implants are an excellent choice for individuals who have experienced tooth loss due to gum disease, injury, or other reasons. These implants are artificial titanium roots surgically inserted into the jawbone, providing a secure foundation for a replacement tooth or bridge work. In our dental office in Encino, we utilize biocompatible dental materials.

Types of dental implants

Cosmetic-Dentistry---Implants-by-Cosmetic-Dental-of-Encino-(3) There are two primary types of dental implants: subperiosteal and endosteal. Endosteal implants are the most commonly used type. Here, the implant’s root can go directly into the jaw.
Subperiosteal implants are utilized in cases where patients are not suitable candidates for traditional implants placed in the jawbone. In such instances, the implant is positioned above the jaw and anchored in the gums using metal posts. Our team can assist you in determining the most suitable type of implant for your specific needs.

What can I expect from dental implants?

Cosmetic-Dentistry---Implants-by-Cosmetic-Dental-of-Encino-(4) The specific dental implant procedure you will undergo depends on your unique cosmetic dental requirements. However, the implant is generally surgically inserted into your jawbone through a minimally invasive procedure. In some cases, the replacement tooth is attached immediately, but often, the implant requires a healing period before the replacement tooth can be added. Over time, your jawbone will fuse with the implant, providing a secure foundation. The replacement tooth, known as a crown, is customized to fit your mouth and match the color of your natural teeth.

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How do I care for implants?

Cosmetic-Dentistry---Implants-by-Cosmetic-Dental-of-Encino-(5) While dental implants are not susceptible to cavities, they are still subject to regular wear and tear. It is important to maintain their care by brushing and flossing regularly. Additionally, visiting our dentist in Encino for routine cleanings and checkups is crucial to ensure the health of your gums and the strength of the surrounding bone that supports the implants.

Who is a candidate for dental implants?

Most patients who have experienced tooth loss, whether one or multiple teeth are generally eligible candidates for dental implants. There are only a few situations where dental implants may not be feasible, such as in the case of medically compromised patients or individuals with severe bone loss.

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How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

Various factors can influence the lifespan of a dental implant in a patient’s mouth. As per the American Dental Association, the average lifespan of an implant is 25 years. However, when implants are appropriately placed and maintained with proper care, they can last a lifetime.

Ready for dental implants?

Reach out to our dental office in Encino today to learn how we can assist you in achieving a complete, natural-looking smile through conservative treatment options.

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