Can You Eat Halloween Candy When You Have Dental Implants?

Can You Eat Halloween Candy When You Have Dental Implants?

It’s the Halloween season, and candies will be available in every store. It is a challenging time for parents as their children are more likely to consume more candies as part of Halloween. Even though we know candies are not good for your teeth and smile, preventing yourself from eating them could make the temptation more irresistible. Many might wonder whether they can eat Halloween candy while using dental implants. Read the blog to know more.

Hard candies could crack teeth implants

Even though dental implants are durable and long-lasting, it does not mean that it is impossible to break. According to the cosmetic dentist, you should take care of your dental implants during Halloween since candies such as lollipops can crack the implants. It can even lodge between the teeth leading to extensive dental work to remove the lodged candies. Even natural teeth risk developing cavities due to the hard candies.

Chewy candies will not dislodge your implants

Chewing caramels and taffy during the fall season is challenging for those who are wearing dentures. The dentures always have the possibility of slipping while taking a deep bite of the chewy candies. However, dental implants work similarly to a natural tooth; you need not worry about chewy candies affecting the implants. However, remember that the rest of the natural teeth could be prone to decay due to excessive consumption of chewy candies. It means you may need additional dental implant repair if you do not limit the consumption of chewy candies.

Do not eat sour candies

Even though sour candies are a favorite among children, the acidic characteristics of these candies for giving the desired flavor can pose health challenges to the teeth and tongue. You should avoid eating it in large amounts since it could lead to enamel loss.

What are the other kinds of food that needs to be avoided while using dental implants?

Avoid overly hot drinks. It is because the implants are composed of metal which could slightly contract due to the changes in the hot or cold temperatures surrounding it. Furthermore, the heat could also impact the gum tissue responsible for holding the implant in its place. Implants could prematurely fall if you don’t take proper care of this aspect. Popcorn should also be avoided since it can get stuck between the teeth or between the gum and implants. It could lead to inflammation which could damage the implant.

What happens if the food you eat affects the dental implant?

If you experience pain around the implant, if you hear a cracking or breaking sound of the implant within the mouth or if you feel that the implant is moving, then the first thing to do will be to visit a top-rated cosmetic dentist near your location who specializes in dental implants. Ignoring visiting a family and cosmetic dentist due to these problems could lead to damaged implants causing inflammation or infection.

In the blog, you are now aware of the foods you should avoid while using dental implants. By eating proper food that does not damage the dental implants, you can increase the durability and experience the benefit of having implants for restoring the proper functionality of the teeth.