Can You Cure Periodontal Disease?

Can You Cure Periodontal Disease?

Dr. Sheila Mahooti is a dentist who provides a variety of services to new and existing patients in her practice, Signature Smiles of LA, in Encino, CA. She understands the importance of a beautiful, healthy smile, and provides patients with solutions to avoid a variety of oral health conditions including periodontal disease and tooth decay. When patients fail to maintain their oral health with regular office visits and daily brushing and flossing, they are putting their smile at risk for a myriad of concerns. Periodontal disease, or “gum disease,” is a truly preventable condition.

What is periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease is an inflammatory condition that can affect the health of the smile in a serious way. When periodontal disease reaches the later stages, it becomes extremely severe. Patients often experience the loss of bone, gum tissue, and sometimes even their permanent adult teeth. With early intervention, periodontal disease can be reversed, but the later stages cannot be cured—only controlled with the assistance of a professional dentist.

Stages of periodontal disease

Periodontal disease starts as gingivitis, the first stage. Gingivitis is characterized by bleeding, swollen gums and is often combined with consistent bad breath. Patients should seek immediate dental treatment as soon as these issues arise to undergo a thorough cleaning and receive antibiotics if necessary to reverse the infection. Once periodontal disease has been left untreated and reaches the later stages, patients may need to have a procedure called scaling and root planing performed. This is a procedure during which the dentist removes plaque and tartar from all areas of the teeth and gums, and includes antibiotics for treatment of the infection. Once this has been completed, patients need to return to the dentist on a more consistent basis to manage their condition and keep it from progressing further. Patients may need to visit every three months instead of every six to control their periodontal disease over time.

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