Best Invisalign in Encino

Best Invisalign in Encino

Attaining the straightest, most confident smile with Invisalign in Encino, CA is easier than ever before.  At Signature Smiles of LA, we offer Invisalign technology to best straighten minor issues for patients’ smiles in less time than traditional metal braces to improve patients’ smiles and prevent further oral issues.  Benefits of Invisalign include:

Clear Appearance

Invisalign’s clear appearance allows patients to correct minor problems without disrupting their everyday activities.  Not only are they almost unnoticeable, but also proven to be the best suitable aligner for patients.  Invisalign is the best choice for adults and teens needing to correct minor alignment issues with minimal disruption to their daily responsibilities.

Advanced Technology

Invisalign technology advances allow patients to see results in a faster amount of time.  The form-fitting aligner provides greater control and treatment of alignment issues. Invisalign elite treatment gives patients the smile of their dreams with limited time commitment and better comfort.


With Invisalign, patients can remove the aligners when needed to help prevent injury, unlike metal braces.  The smooth and comfortable Invisalign aligners have no risk of puncturing or scratching a patient’s gums.  The advanced technology is overall a better alternative to safely correcting minor alignment issues.

If you are interested in Invisalign advanced treatment options in Encino, CA, please call our office at (818) 600-1884.  Our staff looks forward to the opportunity to help you align your smile for greater confidence and oral health.