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If you have a cavity, then a filling is the likely course of treatment for you. A cavity develops when the tooth decays, or breaks down, due to bacteria. There are more than three million cases of cavities in the United States each year.

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You might notice that you have a cavity if you experience pain or discomfort while eating or drinking something cold, hot, or sweet. To your dentist, a cavity is sometimes visible as a small hole in the tooth. However, cavities are not always detectable by the naked eye, and a digital x-ray may be needed to locate them. We will check for cavities during your regular professional cleaning and exam, but you can also contact our office for an appointment if you suspect that you have a cavity.

What type of fillings do you use?

Our dental office in Encino is mercury free and we use biocompatible materials. Fillings made from amalgam and mercury were used for a long time due to the fact that they are inexpensive and durable, before concerns about mercury exposure were raised.

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Our fillings are also white and porcelain, so they blend in nicely with your surrounding teeth. If you have current mercury fillings, we can replace them with durable, porcelain, mercury-free fillings.

What can I expect?

During a filling, the decayed part of your tooth is removed with the use of a laser or drill. We then clean the bacteria and debris out of your tooth. Once the area is clean, we fill it with the mercury-free porcelain material. The filling is then shaped so that it fits the contours of your specific tooth. It is then hardened so that it is secure and lasts for many years.

Contact our Encino dentist today to find out how we can restore health to your tooth in a minimally invasive and conservative way.

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