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Have you experienced a dental emergency? Know where to turn in Encino for prompt, friendly care!

Knowing what to do, and where to turn, in the event of an unexpected dental injury can make an enormous difference in your family’s oral health - and in your stress level. No one can predict the timing of a dental need, nor its severity. Sometimes, immediate attention is necessary; when a tooth gets knocked out, for instance. In many situations, urgent dental needs can be fit into our normal business hours.

Common Dental Emergencies

What is interesting is that most people consider a dental emergency some type of traumatic injury. A tooth may get broken while enjoying a bowl of popcorn, or one may get knocked loose - or completely out - during that Saturday afternoon soccer game. These are, in fact, events that should be handled right away and in an appropriate manner, if the tooth is to be saved. However, let’s look at the most common dental emergency first: tooth pain.

A toothache is one of the primary reasons that calls are made to our Encino dental office for an urgent dental visit. Obtaining care for such an event is crucial because the pain that has developed is indicative of a deeper problem. Without prompt, adequate care, a minor (though painful) infection could become an abscess. What may have been able to be repaired with a filling may require a root canal.

Signature Smiles of LA is committed to your comfort. If you experience a toothache, whether gradual or sudden, contact us right away. We do our best to provide same-day care to resolve discomfort and restore function.

Traumatic Injuries

It is often possible to replace a tooth that has been knocked out. However, this requires an immediate trip to the dental office, as well as proper handling of the tooth in transit. A tooth that has been knocked out should be handled by the CROWN ONLY, not by the root. It is ideal if the tooth can be positioned in the socket. However, if this is not possible, it can be transported in a small cup of milk or saliva.

Existing patients may call our office at (818) 600-1884 during or after office hours if emergency care is needed. If you are new to our practice, we are happy to speak with you and schedule you for restorative care as soon as possible.

For dental emergencies in Encino
Call (818) 600-1884


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